The Learning Success Center (LSC) is an academic support program designed to give students the assistance they need to have a successful academic experience.  The program is made up of three components:

Students can use any of these components individually or combine them to best fit their academic needs. The LSC works collaboratively with many other campus programs to provide learning strategies for adult learners.

Up Coming Free Events


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Student groups or offices may request and arrange seminars at any time on the following topics:

  • Time Management & Study Skills
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Assessing Learning Styles
  • Memory
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Reading / Note Taking Skills 


Email Ali Pappas at ali.pappas@utah.edu to schedule a seminar.

Please call 801-581-8746 with any questions.

Quick Links to Resources

As a student at the U, you have access to many resources that will help you have a successful academic experience. Here are a few tools for you to help with:

 Time Management   Critical Thinking  Wellness
 Learning Disabilities  Concentration  Textbook Study
 Learning Styles  Note Taking  Online Learning
Math & Science  Reading  Study Guides
 Study Skills  Test Anxiety  Test Taking
 Memory  Vocabulary  Writing